Believable brands – in three simple steps


Traditional advertising and marketing is simply not enough these days. Not only do people want things instantaneously, they are also wanting more, and more, and more…

Gone are the days of branding a company purely around a product and service. More than ever, people want to relate. And in order to relate, you need to make people feel. Society is more diverse and complex than ever, which challenges brands to deliver on a variety of expectations. The biggest challenge is to reach a vast audience without excluding another. 

So, how can a brand achieve that?

By making people feel something. Even though we all come from different backgrounds, the one thing we can (in most cases) relate to, is how something made you feel

Have a look at some of the TV adverts below and ask yourself… How do you feel? Would you agree that someone else will more or less feel the same? 

Animals are a great way of resonating with a large audience. Although the #shareaCokeza ad below has a local urban youth approach, one can’t help thinking that a number of people outside of that target market also sang along to Bobby’s mission to find his name. 

Another example of a brand that manages to express joy, fun, and warmth is Cadbury.

One brand that managed to capture the attention of a number of South Africans was insurance company Santam. And they did it without even showing one South African.

So as a brand, how do you keep up with the demand? Ask yourself the following questions:

Step 1

Are you committed and enthusiastic about adding value to people’s lives and improving your service every day?

Provide people with the little things that will make their lives easier, and make sure you do it in ways or on platforms that will be easy for them to access and use.


Step 2

Do you show that you value each and every individual that is loyal to your brand?

You need to establish a human connection through your marketing. Your communication needs to be relevant and sincere. Your brand’s personality should stand out from the crowd.


Step 3

Are you aware of the changing expectations of your audience?

Your finger should be on the pulse all the time. The best way to prove your sincerity is to react visibly to the changes in your client’s or customer’s wants and needs.


The relationship between brands and consumers is constantly evolving. So it’s best to keep up with the trends and frequently revisit these three steps to building brilliant, believable, brands! 

Believable brands

Have fun building!

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