5 Ways to unclog your creative pipes

Like any skill, creativity requires a tremendous amount of practice, patience, and exploration. When these three elements are combined, there is nothing that can confine your creative spirit.

However, the creative process can become blocked sometimes. This could be due to external everyday stresses, or a simple lack of inspiration. Whatever is stopping your creative juices from flowing, there are some clever unclogging techniques you could try. Here they are:

Boost your creative space

Every article, photo, picture, quote, etc. that has ever inspired you, should be part of your creative surroundings. Set up a board in your office on which you can pin your creative inspirations. If you prefer, you can save your ideas online via Pinterest.

Pinterest is a website that allows you to create an unlimited amount of boards to which you can pin inspirational things. Pinterest also allows you to browse topics of interest that you can then pin to your own board.

BE WARNED: it can become highly addictive – so don’t use it as an excuse to waste time or procrastinate.

Even though Pinterest has made finding creative inspiration a whole lot easier, it is still best to consider your immediate environment. Your non-virtual space needs to inspire and speak to your originality daily.

Test your creative limits

DO sign up for classes, courses, or workshops. DON’T worry if you have no experience; in fact, the less you know the better. Have a look at your community’s Facebook page, or simply Google classes that you might be interested in. Try pottery, photography, calligraphy, flower arrangements, cooking… the list goes on and on.

Creative schools like Vega and Open Window are helpful and accredited institutions that you could consider, should you want to do a short course or diploma of some sort.

Doodle daily

It might seem a mindless activity to some, but doodling can unlock new creative pathways. It helps you to become more engaged and focused in a creative moment. A clear and conscious mind is a bonus during any creative process. So, make some time to doodle away during your thinking sessions.

Not sure how to doodle? wikiHow will show you the basics: CLICK HERE

Brainstorm weekly

Group sessions with other members of your team can be quite helpful in fuelling your own creative process. Pick a creative spot to have your session, like an art gallery or unique café. A glass of wine (or whatever your poison) also helps.

Different people have different creative approaches. It’s being submerged in this pool of creative ideas that will help you figure out your own. However, never let your own originality get lost in the process. Don’t think like others, think like you!


See what others are doing

Yes, we just spoke about being original, but to be original you need to be aware of what is happening in the world around you. How else would you test your own uniqueness? Trends, tricks, and tips are ways of measuring your own creative process. You might pick up on a new technique or style that can impact your own work immensely. Someone else’s work could also spark new ideas. More importantly, having a broad sense of what is out there challenges you to go above and beyond expectations.

Bizcommunity is a great platform that tells you about everything happening in the media and content industry. It allows you a more in-depth look into your own creative field. 

Talent is one thing; commitment another. If you stay committed to any creative process, you will see it manifest in your work and daily life. You don’t need to be an artist to lead a creative life. All you need is air to breathe, water to drink, and a creative soul.

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