Is your company brand-wise?

We all know that good branding is important, but what exactly is it, and why the fuss? Nowadays, a brand is no longer just a name, logo or graphic element: it needs to represent a company’s values and missions, and most importantly, it needs to…

Graphic design tips for non-designers

If only we could all walk around with a graphic designer in our pocket. It would make life so easy, especially when you are faced with a rushed project or a quick design is needed for your social media account, business card, website or a…

Colour me crazy – how to understand colours

Poor colour choice can negatively affect your message. Get it wrong, and your whole design could easily be ignored or heartily disliked. So, what to do? The first step to any successful design is through understanding, and respecting, the significance behind colour. Here’s what you need to know.

Believable brands – in three simple steps

Gone are the days of branding a company purely around a product and service. More than ever, people want to relate. And in order to relate, you need to make people feel. Here’s how.

Lovin’ that logo – your basic guide to logo design

One of the best ways to make sure your brand is seen the way you want it to be seen is through your logo. You’d be surprised at just how much it can say about you! Logo design requires a lot of thought and brainstorming. We’ve broken it down into three basic elements. Learn more…