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When it comes to online presence, it’s absolutely vital to keep up. Forget celebrities and what looked good on the red carpet – what’s looking good this year on websites? 

Responsive design

Because mobile is the new black, you need to make sure that your website responds to different screen sizes. It’s not rocket science.

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The hero image

Pictures still are and always will be more enticing than text. The preference for large, high-resolution images and using beautiful background images works very well for mobile too.

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Scrolls are not old!

Scrolling is still spectacular – after all, it works great in on mobile. It also improves user experience, is easy to use, limits the load time of the page and makes people feel more in control.  

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Ah, simplicity

Minimalism is so smooth and uber cool. So lose the shadows and gradients and patterns and whatnot. Keep it flat and flawless and kill the clutter. But steer clear of generic ‘boring’ fonts.





PET after

Will you tell me a story?

Because you really should. Make it personal and real by adding a narrative. And obviously, the story you tell should have loads of visual elements.

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And lastly… Graphic the hell outta that info

Information overload is real. Infographics offer a creative way to display information in a user-friendly manner. So make your content pretty and fun. Have a look at the example below and compare the original Word document to the final design version. The right design can make even the most boring content memorable. 



before word


South Africa Budget


REMEMBER, you can have a website worthy of Leonardo da Vinci and it’ll be wasted if no-one visits it. Check the hits on your pages, especially if you’ve sent out a campaign, to make sure that you’re getting through to people.

Always have fun!

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