How to create easy-to-absorb content

In order to cook up a storm, you need your language lab to have a solid foundation. Here’s how to do a really good job of getting back to basics…

Unfortunately, when it comes to creating easy-to-absorb content, there is no magic formula or miracle drug. This is especially true when you are faced with a very technical piece that needs to be written down.

So… where should you start? Here are some simple tips to follow:

Tip 1

Main points. Remember when you were in high school English class, and you had to create a summary, or a précis? Rule number one is to find the topic sentence in each paragraph. For example, the snippet below forms part of an article on South Africa’s credit rating. A boring topic for some, yet something we should all be aware of. When creating a list of main points, readers who aren’t interested also get the just of what is really important. Click here for full article.

Tip 2

Short phrases. Unfortunately, you cannot bargain on any decent length of attention span these days. In fact, I’m worried right now that my full sentences might be tiring some of you out. Keep short. Verbs only. Aim there. Sometimes hard. Still try.

Tip 3

Chunking good. As with a pumpkin, smaller content pieces are easier to digest. Say you are urging people to save more, instead of going into loooong explanatory detail about it why not chunk it into little bite size chunks? It’s visually appealing and enjoyable to read. Click here for full article.


Tip 4

Eye candy. Personally, ‘infographics’ would’ve been my word of the year, and they’re here to stay. Somehow, somewhere, add something that isn’t pure text, and that complements or illustrates or mirrors your content. Even if it’s very basic, one or two visuals will be likely to double your success. Have a look at the copy below and compare it to its designed twin. 



Tip 5

Make curious. Adding humour or something unexpected will shock your readers back to wide awake, and they’ll remember you and your information far better and for longer. A famous quote also does the trick, see the example below. Click here for full article.


The fact is that, unless you are sure of an appropriately qualified reader, it’s always best to break things down into the most basic elements you can manage. While still making sense and making the point, of course.

Well, with these five tips in your pocket, you are well on track to bringing that content back to basics.

Keep up the ‘chunking’ good work!

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