It’s the end of the year. Have you reached the end of your tether?


Deadlines, high work volumes, overbearing clients… these are just some of the reasons you haven’t seen your employees smile in weeks. We are closing in on the end of the year, and office morale in most companies is probably a little low.

It’s no surprise and not something to be too worried about. Year-end fatigue is perfectly natural. However, a happy, well rested employee does offer the best results. So what can you do when the mood levels are just not where you’d like them to be?

Avoid burnout at all costs! Yes, the year is drawing to a close, but stress levels from months of hard work are adding up. Therefore, it’s important to monitor your employees individually, and intervene when necessary. Help carry them towards that holiday finish line without burning yourself out in the process.

Here are some practical tips for lifting the office spirit:  

Flexible hours


Introduce a flexible work schedule that will allow your employees to choose their own work hours. It’s important to remember that some people function better at night while others prefer the early morning. Give them the freedom to choose and you will see guaranteed results.

Forced lunch breaks


No employee should work during lunch. Force your employees to switch off for at least 45 minutes during the day (depending on when they take they lunch). If you are in a physical office environment, why not buy them lunch and you can all dine together and offload?



Background music can add to the office atmosphere. However, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, so check with your employees before you start tuning away. Maybe give everyone a day to create their own playlist?

Humour is good (the quirkier the better)

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Always share laughter. If something made you smile, chances are it will make the person next to you smile. Humour can lighten the mood immediately. So, unleash those happy hormones.

Friday afternoons


Be merciful on Friday afternoons. If it’s been a long week of hard work, then be kind and allow your employees to leave earlier and hopefully miss Friday afternoon traffic. They will be grateful and may even crack that smile you’ve been waiting for.

There aren’t any magic formulas and you won’t always see instant results, but your employees will at least see you trying. Your effort to make them smile will be appreciated and will leave them feeling valued. Maybe they aren’t sharing their smiles with you, but chances are that they are taking them home with them, where those smiles will mean the most.

So, buckle up… the year end is near!

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