Lovin’ that logo – your basic guide to logo design

One of the best ways to make sure your brand is seen the way you want it to be seen is through your logo. You’d be surprised at just how much it can say about you.

A lot of this happens on a subconscious level, but trust us, it still happens. So, be sure to get the basics right. Start by applying these three basic elements in your design. 


Your basic idea needs to be clever and appropriate. It can be abstract and symbolic, or it can be obvious and straightforward. If you work it right, it can become an icon all on its own, like the History channel ‘H’. A great example of a symbolic concept is the Amazon logo with the arrow leading from A to Z.


 history logo


The choice you make here is crucial. The wrong colours (with the wrong psychological association) can ruin an otherwise fantastic logo. Do you homework! And bear in mind that 95% of the most successful brands use only one or two colours, and so become identified with those colours. Can you imagine a Ferrari being any other colour than red?



How it’s all put together and how it looks when it’s put together is also vitally important. If you want to look reliable and professional, go for symmetry, squares and angles. If you want to look fun and flirty, go for curves, circle and asymmetry. And don’t get too complicated – your logo must be simple enough that it’s easily identifiable even when very small.


Once you’ve finalised these three things, you can start thinking more about the next stage: will your name be on the logo? If so, what font represents you best? What about a slogan? All of this requires a lot of thought and brainstorming.

Need a quick recap on the tips listed above?

No problem… We’ve summarised it all for you into a simple and understandable graphic clip. You can read more about turning points into pictures in our related blog ‘Graphic the Hell Outta that info’. Enjoy!

 Good luck – and have fun!

Lovin that logo

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