Pace and positive thinking: practical tips to make 2017 count


Let’s face it, there’s no easy way to make all 365 days of the year count in your favour. We will all experience ups and downs along the way. However, most of us want to reach the end of the year feeling that we’ve achieved something worthwhile.


Even though we can’t predict how the year will turn out, we can still plan to be great. You don’t need to go overboard. Start simple, stay positive, and be practical. If you are looking to make changes in your personal and professional life, you need to pace yourself.

Say goodbye to multitasking


It’s time to focus on one task at a time. Constantly juggling more than one responsibility is time-consuming, unproductive and emotionally draining. We know you can handle it all, but come on, give yourself a break in 2017. Start afresh, by completing one task before moving on to the next. Rediscover a sense of completion and achievement.


Practical tip:

  • Create a daily to do list every morning. Divide your tasks into morning and afternoon.
  • Stick to the tasks that need to be completed. You are only allowed to move on from your morning tasks once they are finished.

Organise your thoughts

You are your own worst enemy. Self-doubt, fear of failing, and negativity won’t get you far this year. It’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses. By focusing on your strengths and acknowledging your weaknesses, you will be able to develop a sensible awareness of what you’re good at and where you can improve this year.


Practical exercise:

  • Write down a list of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Cover your weaknesses with one hand and read your strengths out loud.
  • Cover your strengths and find a practical solution for each of your weaknesses. From now on, whenever a weakness makes an appearance, apply your solution. Don’t waste any more energy on fretting.

Set achievable goals

Create a list of both short-term and long-term goals. You need to prioritise your goals: think about what you would like to achieve within the first six months of the year and what it will take to get you there. Don’t overburden yourself! Unrealistic expectations will only lead to disappointment.


Practical goals:

  • Make a list of everything you’ve achieved so far as an employer or employee.
  • Do some research and identify areas for improvement.
  • Create your practical game plan for how you will tackle those areas.
  • Constantly remind yourself of your goals and find a way to monitor whether or not you are achieving them.

Be proud of yourself

Give yourself credit for establishing good habits and setting clear goals. Don’t try and do too much too soon, and remember to reward yourself once you’ve attained a goal. Treat yourself with kindness and make your health a priority.


Practical daily advice:

  • Reflect after work on what you have achieved throughout the day, even if it was just finally organising your mailbox and responding to outstanding mails. A small accomplishment today leaves room for big accomplishments tomorrow.

Be present in the NOW

This is by far the toughest to achieve, but will reward you tremendously. By constantly fixating on the future, wondering and worrying about things yet to happen, you completely lose sight of the important things happening in your life right now. Chances are you aren’t sleeping properly, you are more stressed, you become distant and in some cases rude. If any of this rings true, then perhaps it’s time for you to get in the NOW.

Tip: Our canine partners are experts when it comes to living life in the moment. Take some notes. 😉


No matter what your goals are, we wish you the very best for the year to come. Remember to leave all negative influences behind and look forward to prosperity around the next corner!

Happy New Year!

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