Graphic design tips for non-designers

If only we could all walk around with a graphic designer in our pocket. It would make life so easy, especially when you are faced with a rushed project or a quick design is needed for your social media account, business card, website or a…

3 Tips – How to dust off your brand

We’ve officially launched 2018… and naturally, around us, people and businesses are compiling their lists of New Year’s resolutions. We all want to start our year afresh, and one way that companies and small businesses tend to do this is by embarking on a brand…

Boost your productive mindset – 6 Motivational Quotes

The problem with work is that we often overthink it. Especially when it comes to what we consider to be a productive day. For some it might be getting through as many projects as possible in one day; for others it’s finishing and perfecting one…

4 Basics to winning web content

If you are a business owner, it might be time to consider what your online content tells your clients. Does it inform, educate, sell, entertain, or inspire? Once you’ve answered that question – adjust and then apply the four basic rules for effective online content to your strategy.

Newsletters: Bring new life to tradition

So, how do you create a newsletter that doesn’t just spam someone’s inbox? Think of these three important guidelines the next time you draft a newsletter.