Where there’s a WILL, there’s a way – create your own certainties in life


They say there are only two certainties in the world: DEATH and TAXES. But what if you were offered a third – would you take it?

A Will offers such certainty. It guarantees that your wishes will be carried out, after your death. And the best part is… you have COMPLETE CONTROL over who gets what.

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that allows YOU to decide how your belongings, such as cars, policy payouts, and other precious valuables, should be distributed among the most important people in your life. Most importantly, a Will also protects your children, by ensuring that they are taken care of when you are no longer with them.

However, bear in mind that your pension benefit is distributed according to Section 37C of the Pension Funds Act, and not according to your Will.

I don’t have a Will. What should I do?

Well, if you die tomorrow and you don’t have a Will, or if your Will does not meet legal requirements, your money and precious belongings could go to people you’ve never even met.

Without one, your estate will be distributed according to the laws of succession, and the whole process takes far longer.

Without a Will, your assets will be divided as shown in the table below:

Deceased is survived by: How the estate is divided:
Only surviving spouse Total estate goes to the spouse
Only descendants Total estate is divided between descendants
Spouse and descendants The spouse receives a child’s share (subject to certain maximums), and the balance is divided equally among descendants
Both parents


Total estate is divided equally between both parents
One parent only Total estate goes to the parent
One parent and descendants Half the estate goes to the parent; balance is divided equally among descendants
No spouse, no descendants, no parents, but descendants through mother and descendants through father Estate divided into two parts: half to descendants through the mother and half to descendants through the father
No spouse, no descendants, no parents, no descendants through mother or father Estate goes equally to relatives that are nearest in degree of relationship

Unlike making a wish after blowing out the candles at a birthday party, a Will is a legally binding document that will ensure YOUR WISHES ARE GRANTED. Don’t delay.

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