inSite Client Testimonials

At inSite, we value each one of our clients, big or small, as a part of the inSite family.  Our clients allow us to be a part of their exciting and creative projects.  Thank you!

Website Development

Thank You inSite Education! I am so impressed.  The job was done excellently, from the design stage to actual development.  Congratulations Lezanne and Rolf for a job well done!! Appreciate you...

Heidi Malan

Heidi Malan

Induction Training and Corporate Marketing Video

The Project Manager Zeldeen Muller and her team at inSite assisted us to developed training material for our induction training and with the production of a DVD depicting the value chain of Lonmin. The DVD was also used by EXCO & Board during our annual shareholder presentations in London and Europe. Don’t need to say more the quality was superb.

Sonja, Lonmin

On-line voting system

…many thanks for all your preparations. The website, the rating, it was designed in a very user friendly way. I am sure it must have been a lot of work for you to set this all up, it was done professionally.

Onno, Netherlands

Retirement Fund Communication: Newsletter 

A quick note to tell you that the booklet contained in the envelopes is informative; easy to comprehend and one that everyone should be (and we have circulated a message) encouraged to hold onto as it does answer many of those questions that are never asked. Thanks for this 

Liesl, Sun International 

Retirement Fund Communication: Newsletter

The well branded GEPF newsletter is catching. The contents are relevant, well iterated, informative and re-assuring. The "Scan Code" was an especially delightful extra which enabled my easy access to the GEPF website. Well done and thank you!

Mariam, GEPF

Retirement Fund Communication: Explanatory Flyer

Benefit Statement assist: Thanks for the attention to detail. I like the way it is presented, Mat. Well done.

Johan, Columbus 

Campaign Management

Awards ceremony and Annual conference: The successful partnership between Batseta and Insite Education has come a long way. Through continuous communication and brainstorming sessions, Insite has helped us further our goals and make our objectives reachable. Congratulations on 8 years of service, keep up the wonderful work and may there be many more celebrations.

Petri, Batseta

Industry Online Judging system

Judging system (development and project management): Excellent work! Thank you so much to each and every one who helped to make this happen.

Anne-Marie, Batseta


Retirement Fund Communication: Newsletter

Newsletter: This is truly an excellent piece of communication and I certainly believe we need to give credit where credit is due. The communication is concise, useful, accurate and informs members in a language in which they can understand and appreciate, …. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on this piece of work. Well done


Retirement Fund Communication Project

Congratulations and thank you very much for the way in which you support us.

Michael , Gijima

Company Intranet site design and development

I want to again use this opportunity to thank you for the excellent creative work done on the Innovation Portal. It is truly “stunning” and my team and I are proud to show this to our employees.

Thank you very much.

Willem, Gijima

Retirement Fund Communication

I do not generally dish out complements, but have to do so in this instance. It was impressive and well done. A professional job.

Principal Officer Large Pension Fund


Thank you very much for the time, arrangements and effort with the workshop. The speakers were excellent. They both handled the sessions with professionalism and enthusiasm. The personnel found the workshop to be valuable and interesting. It was a pleasure working with you.

Annette, University of the Free State 

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