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inSite Innovative Education Solutions (Pty) Ltd offers innovative focused knowledge solutions. With over 27 years of combined experience, our focus is on assisting organisations and retirement funds to create communication and education programmes which achieve the true transfer of knowledge, as opposed to the mere distribution of information. The ultimate aim is to increase member confidence and enforce prudent behaviour.

What do we do?

  • Graphic design and layout (in-house): Retirement fund branding, posters, member booklets, newsletters, annual reports, fund magazines, Z cards, email, CD covers, investment guides, flyers, information cards, table talkers, teaser pamphlets.
  • Retirement fund specialist services: The team has specialist CFP skills in-house and writes all required retirement fund content, including newsletters, member booklets, member guides, DVD scripts, Z cards, website content, blogs for Facebook and Twitter sites for retirement funds, industry articles for other employee benefit consulting firms, annual reports, trustee reports, fund magazines and more.
  • Editing, copywriting and instructional design (in-house): Meticulous writing, editing, proofreading and simplification of technical documents, legal documents, member communication, articles, business plans, reports, websites, and books/booklets.
  • Virtual Agenda Creator and Meeting Manager Tool: Get rid of unwanted paper and issue your client or Boards of Trustees with a virtual agenda / meeting pack. Tablet, Smartphone, Mac, PC, iPad and Android compatible. No software downloads necessary – immediate access. No syncing required between devices. Documents are available offline and printable should your meeting room not have internet connectivity. Secure site with encryption of all information.
  • Web administration services: inSite currently hosts, loads and manages websites for 90 clients and retirement funds. Users have access to these sites via smartphones, iPads, iPhones, laptops, PCs, Macs and tablets. Our client intranet / internet solutions will provide your audience with an interactive centralised hub that is an engine of activity and information.
    • The websites are all smartphone, iPad, tablet, PC and Mac friendly. Sites can also be developed as mobisites for clients with a membership with more mobile than PC access.
    • We will assist you to transform your intranet/internet into an indispensable tool utilised by employees and HR on a regular basis. We handle the entire process: choosing of the URL, web design, drafting all content, editing content, developing the website with all calculators, user testing, launching the website and monthly maintenance.  The websites are fully interactive with voting polls, advert icons, RSS Feeds, scrolling banners, twitter feeds and other tools to maximise member interaction and usage.
  • Administering social media (Twitter and Facebook pages) for Retirement Funds
  • Bulk email and SMS: We create, load, administer, test and send bulk emails and text messages for a host of retirement funds. Full reporting is provided in real life terms as the campaigns are being sent.
  • E-book services: inSite develops user-friendly interactive member guides and newsletters in e-book format, compatible with iPads, Macs, Smartphones, PCs and laptops.
  • Employee Internal Election Campaigns (Trustee Elections): Trustee Election project implementation is another of our niche services. Let us help you plan, brand, execute, audit and report on your Trustee Election project. A complete Trustee Election internet-based system is also available for those clients with a membership with access to electronic media.
  • Trustee assessment tool (PF 130): According to PF 130, the board, the individual board members, the principal officer and the sub-committees of the board should be subject to an appraisal of their performance at least once every year, in order to identify their expertise. The purpose of the appraisal is further to assess the efficacy of the board as a whole, the individual board members, the principal officer and the sub-committees, and to highlight where improvements should be implemented. To this end, inSite has a formal electronic trustee assessment tool, which is easily accessible for all board members via the internet and can be completed at their own convenience.

Retirement Fund / Medical Aid member education

Our member education solutions can turn member apathy into member empowerment, where the aim is the transfer of knowledge as opposed to the mere distribution of information.

Our innovative member education tools can complement your current communication strategy to ensure your communication:
  • Caters for blue collar workers and / or members with a low literacy level
  • Can reach members over a wide geographical area
  • Uses clear language and graphics to explain difficult concepts
  • Results in a higher rate of transfer of knowledge
  • Utilises multimedia to increase effectiveness
  • Allows for continuous member education
  • Is available at a time and place suitable to the member
  • Is enjoyable, so as to keep members motivated and decrease apathy
  • Allows trustees to monitor learners’ progress effortlessly
  • Is easy to update
  • Above all is cost effective

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