How to create effective posters

  • Brand your message.
  • Place posters where employees congregate and spend a bit of time such as in kitchens, bathrooms, lifts.
  • Posters must have a call to action.
  • If the poster needs to be explained, it is not effective.

How to effectively use SMS in a communication strategy

  • The call to action must be in the first few words.
  • Choose words to create impact.
  • Very useful as a countdown instrument to announce the start of campaigns.
  • Evaluate the success of your campaign with appropriate monitoring tools.

How can you increase email effectiveness?

  • Brand your message.
  • In isolation, emails are not that effective: rather link them to a larger campaign where you utilise other media such as posters, notice boards etc.
  • The most important info must be in the top 5 cm.
  • Make effective use of the preview pane.
  • Ensure you have your call to action in your subject heading.
  • The subject heading must be self-explanatory. The subject will determine whether a message is headed for the Deleted Items folder.
  • Use colour to maximise impact.
  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Evaluate your responses by monitoring the number of links clicked.

Effective use of educational videos/DVDs

  • Break footage up into shorter segments to ensure you keep the full attention of your target audience.
  • All footage must be easy to update.
  • Use animation & diagrams to reiterate important facts.
  • Use an animated presenter to keep their attention.
  • Make your viewers part of the process. Where possible use footage of your employees in your company training video.

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